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About us

JOHA taizhou JuHuan lifting protective equipment Co., LTD. As a enterprise which specializes in researching and manufacturing high quality lifting production and protective equipment .Advocating the "people first, technology innovation, customer satisfaction" enterprise spirit and constantly to develop the cutting-edge product..
JOHA has two factories and two categories of products that hydraulic machines, lifting protecting equipment. With the help of qualified technicians , precise manufacture equipment , rigorous testing method and in-time service after sale , our company ‘s product with the brand “JOHA JuHuan “ has take up the most of Chinese market ,getting high remark and reputation . Our company and our products are also reputed among the clients from Chinese government ,by the products Class –A quality in the national Key projects .

We recognize the two important factor take part in keeping good business with our client in long term is that CLASS-A product’s quality and reasonable selling price .
We believe that it is our company who can meet you above two points. The most important isbest quality!
We have a provision to make products according to your special require. 
Do believe our company is your most truth friend; high quality is you first choice to guarantee 
your safety, reasonable prices to save your cost. 
If you have any other question, Don’t hesitate to contact to us. We will do our best to meet you.



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